About the Artist

I first learned how to crochet when I was around 12 years old, my grandma taught me. She always made blankets for all of her grandkids and she taught me the basic stitches, how to start and what to do. I made scarves & some hats off and on until I was about 18. Then I learned how to cross stitch which took over my creative life in an amazing way.

Last year my boyfriend of 6 years was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer Stage 3b. We have been fighting cancer nonstop and I needed something to make me happy and distract me from all the scary stuff! So I taught myself harder stitches, watched videos and learned how to read patterns. Now, I have this wonderful shop that makes not only me, but my boyfriend happy too!

I love to create and I hope I can make others happy with my little plushies, I know they bring a huge smile to my face.

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