Peas in a Pod Crochet


This is for 1 pea in a pod. So it will be 2 peas in 1 pod. If you want duplicates for best friends, please order 2!

These peas in a pod are a perfect gift for siblings/best friends/cousins anyone you consider your pea in a pod! The peas come out of their pod individually and are made with Sweet Snuggles yarn. They also have beaded eyes.

For the entire month of April I will donate 10% of the shops proceeds to Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. I will also be matching with my own money whatever amount we raise.

Pattern by: SkyAmis

Such a precious gift. The kids absolutely loved them. Such great quality at such a great price. Thank you!!

Anna is the best, makes such beautiful products & the quality is so worth it. I CANT BELIEVE ITS HAND MADE, makes it 20x better

A++ + + Great Quality

I love this little crochet pea pod with the removable peas!!! I got this as a gift for my daughter but I'm definitely going to order one or two more if possible because I want one for myself and I think my son will love also!!! So dang cute. I also love this type of yarn also.

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